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5 Configuration - Reference Documentation

Authors: Peter Ledbrook, David Dawson, Rob Purcell, Predrag Knežević

Version: 1.0.3

5 Configuration

Dependency Management

GWT and Gin Versions

The GWT module uses the Ivy dependency management of Grails to download GWT/ Gin and other dependencies specifically for use by GWT. It will use any repositories that you set up in the main BuildConfig.groovy It does not use the dependencies block from BuildConfig, instead you must use the options below.

The following options control dependency management

  • gwt.version - Set a version number (eg "2.5.1") of GWT to use.
  • gwt.home (prefer to set a version have have it downloaded) - use the gwt version installed at the given location
  • gwt.gin.version - download gin and any necessary libraries


gwt {

GWT Modules

  • gwt.dependencies - a List of dependencies to import as GWT module dependencies (they will be given to the GWT Developer mode and compiler). Uses the same format as in BuildConfig.groovy

gwt.dependencies=['com.extjs:gxt:2.2.0', ''com.someother:module:1.2']

Import Plugins int GWT Scope

  • gwt.plugins - A list of plugins (that are already installed into your project) that are to be imported as GWT sources. Both their src/java and src/gwt (if it exists) will be include

gwt.plugins = ['reporting', 'work-management']

Other Configuration

  • gwt.local.workers - Fix the number of workers at the given level. (See Compilation for more information on this)
  • gwt.run.args - A closure that can contain gant style jvmargs (or any other arg) for the java invocation of the compiler/ dev mode
  • gwt.parallel - can force the full parallel compiler mode to be on/ off
  • gwt.javac.cmd - The command to use to compile .java source files (default: javac)
  • gwt.java.cmd - The Java interpreter command (default: java)
  • gwt.output.style - The output style of the compiled Javascript produced by GWT - one of OBF, (default) to create compressed obfuscated output; PRETTY, to create human-readable JS; or DETAILED to create even more verbose output
  • gwt.compile.disable - Set to true to disable compilation
  • gwt.output.path - Directory where the compiled output files are written (default: <BASE>/web-app/gwt)
  • gwt.hosted.output.path - Directory where the compiled output files are written in hosted mode (default: tomcat/classes)

… other options …