Simplicity For Startups

So, you’ve decided to make a startup, congratulations!

This is going to be an exciting and hard road for you and your team. Simplicity Itself is ready to be your partner and guide in the weeks and months ahead. We can ease your path and allow you to focus on understanding your customers and driving your new products forward.

Drawing on years of experience in building systems and advising teams and organisations on software change, we can offer the following services to you :

  • Technology Selection Consulting
  • MVP Creation
  • Business Review and Partner Network Consultation
  • Outsource Product Development
  • Back Office Support

Technology Selection

Our expert consultants have built many systems, and spend a significant portion of their time researching and analysing technical trends.

Choosing the most appropriate technologies for your startups technical basis can be daunting. We can help!

We can rapidly identify the technical candidates for your products, and interactively guide you to making a choice that will give you great results, and lower your risks.

Contact our team for an introduction to our approach and to set up a consultation.

MVP Creation

Often, the first step in building your startup is to create a Minimal Viable Product. Having this in place, and building it out rapidly and of a good quality is essential to taking advantage of the opportunity you have seen. Putting in place a team to product this rapidly is often not easy.

Here, we can offer a rapid development team, using curated technologies designed to get your system up and running as soon as possible.

Outsource Development

Once you have established your startup with an initial funding stream, the race is now on to deliver features as fast as possible, experiment with customer adoption and grow your business!

Simplicity Itself has a long history in building systems that can scale in both development and runtime. All of our attention for the past 5 years has been focused on building systems that can embrace change, accelerate feature delivery and be more resilient at runtime.

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Back Office Support

Setting up a new organisation an exciting time, but can be tough and time consuming to get everything done correctly.

Have you set up contracts correctly? do you have your employment policies in place and operating?

Due to demand from our clients, we have extended our startup offerings to offer back office support along side our core services above.

These services complement each other well and discount pricing is available if taken together.

We offer :-

  • Financial Control
  • HR
  • Book-keeping and Accountancy
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable

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