Top 5 VPN Softwares for Microservices 2018

While the Internet is becoming more available toall sectors of society, it brings lots of risks and dangers. To satisfy our needs VPN services appeared – Virtual Private Network. They grant access to the Internet by your rules – the total safety of Internet-connection, anonymity, fast access to any information, virtuality of your whereabouts.

Therefore, the main goal of such services is to protect our Internet connection. Whether you are a top manager, a gamer or a traveler you need them and their encryption. They allow you to unblock any content from anywhere in the world and use it completely confidentially.

The main advantages of VPN

  • The services protect you from possible cyber-attacks in open and poorly buffered Wi-Fi networks.
  • They allow hiding your real IP-address from sites you are visiting and getting rid of pushy targeted advertisements.
  • VPN minimizes risks of еру viruses’ penetration.
  • Ultimately, yes - it allows you going to any sites on the Internet, despite someone's prohibitions.

There are free and pay private services nowadays. The last ones offer the opportunity to choose the servers’ location, type of encryption etc. Some of them allow several connections from one account simultaneously, offer software for iOS, Android to protect both your laptop and mobile gadget.

In what cases VPN can become a troublemaker

While choosingthe service, you should take into account simply plenty of factors. The tricky thing is to know, access to what protocols of safety one or another servicegives you, as well as to be able to set themup. What are the consequences of the wrong choice?

  • Free VPN-services either limit the traffic capacity of the channel or cut speed, or limit operating time.
  • Poor-quality services preserve the broad logs of user actions.
  • The security protocol can be difficult to set up; the errors can make the security system vulnerable.
  • If the service is set up incorrectly, leakage DNS and IP-addresses can take place, then hackers can take advantage of in criminal purposes.

What VPN servers are the best now?

There are some services that have high speed, ultra secure, and they’re easy to use. They are the most reliable and secure.

  1. Hotspot Shield – its main advantage is the high speed. It’s a unique service which can work at speeds from 20 MBIT. This service turned out one of data the most effective in the plan of concealment, with a very low risk of interception. Hotspot as well compresses the data that allows it transmitting them even faster.
  2. HideMyAss has 925 servers worldwide – it is the largest VPN-servers network in the world.It is cross-platform; you can use it on the most different mobile devices and PC with the same ease. However, one accounting record can include only two devices. Virtual machines relate to the devices too. Of course, if you should use HMA more than on two devices you should get the paid subscription. HMA offers high speed of loading files to the server that allows you sharing big files free. This service surpasses as well services of e-mail and FTP-sites. The speed of loading of files to the server is high and you remain anonymous due to the protocols of safety and VPN-tunnel.
  3. ZoogVPN offers a week money-back guarantee, 5 simultaneous connections, free version, PayPal and Bitcoins payments. It has no activity or connection logs. If you are interested in downloading torrents more than in watching online video – it’s a great choice for you.
  4. Zenmate is the German VPN-service from ZenGuard Company granting safe tunnels for browsers and mobile devices. Extension VPN accessibly for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, as well as computers (Mac OS X) and mobile devices (Android, iOS). The VPN-tunnel supplies a total safety of the browser, loads and any actions in the network, as well as any data communication, including the credit cards details. The service uses the latest protocol LS 1.2 (RFC 5246) and supports various additional sets of the designations with PFS.
  5. Purevpn consists of more than 750 servers located in 141 countries and includes thousands of accessible IP-addresses. It offers various set-up of connection in order to protect your work on the Internet. It offers the unique function – the Split-tunnel creation. You can set up any parameters of your annexes. For example, if you are not in Canada, but you want to go to the site of the Bank of Canada, you can use the Split-tunnel.
    1. The age of digital communications came. Your personal freedom in your hands. Use VPN if you need it and do not allow anybody infringing your individual liberties no matter by which “ideals” they shelter.

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